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Doctor’s Note for School and Work (Samples & Templates)

A doctor’s note can also be referred to as a medical certificate or a sick note. It’s a document that a doctor writes to explain a person’s medical condition and how it affects their ability to execute their daily tasks. Besides highlighting the sickness, it also states if the patient requires time to heal. In other words, it’s an explanation from a doctor why someone should be allowed to rest for several days due to an underlying medical condition.

In most cases, employers and learning institution require these documents to prove that the individual was sick.


The medical certificate follows a specific format. Writing the note can be challenging if you don’t know what to include; samples and templates are the best options in such a case.

When do I need a doctor’s note?

If you’re sick and unable to attend work for less than seven days, you can fill a sick form and explain your reasons; this is if your employer has such a provision. In this case, you have certified that you were ill by yourself—its self-certification. On the other hand, some employer requires you to prove your illness, even if you are off duty for a day without notification.

In this case, you have to produce a certificate from your doctor to support your claims. This document is also referred to as a fit or a doctor’s note.

How to get a doctor’s note

You must visit a medical facility or a doctor to get a fit note. The doctor will assess your medical status to determine if you’re fit for work. The doctor will issue a note that you’ll present to your employer with the proper advice on what they should do. For example, the doctor may suggest:

  • You resume work with light duties
  • Work for specified hours each day until you are fit for work
  • A few days off to heal
  • A different job description

When you submit the fit note to your employer, they are required to implement the doctor’s recommendations, or if they can’t, they must write back to the doctor for clarification.

Charges to get a doctor’s note

Though in most cases you’ll not be charged for a fit note, some doctors might charge you if you need a private doctors certificate.

Doctor’s note for work

Doctor/Clinic name

State/City/ Road

Name_______________ Gender _________ Age _______ Date ________


Kindly allow (patient’s name) to rest for the next two days from today. After my examination I have found out that they are yet to cure from a serious throat infection. I have prescribed proper medication besides recommending high intake of warm fluids. Thank you for your cooperation.

Doctor Carter

[Doctors signature]

Doctor’s note for school/college

Doctor’s name

State/ City/ Road

Name ____________ Gender_________ Age____________ Date___________


This note is to certify that [patient’s name] is unfit for work due to back pain. I recommend that he be assigned light duties for one month. If you require more details contact me via dr.john@medcure.com

Dr. John Kimberly

[Doctors signature]

Doctor’s note for Jury duty

Physician’s letterhead


Office of jury commissioner

123 Harry Ave, Suite 210

Boston’s Massachusetts 02117

Re: [Jury’s name]

Dear office of jury commissioner,

I am Dr. Jerry Collins treating [Jury’s name] for dementia. This is a permanent condition and based on my assessment, [Jury’s name] will not be able to perform his duties.

Please disqualify [Jury’s name] from juror service.


[Physicians signature]

[Physicians name]

Doctor’s note for flight/airtime

Medical certificate

[Doctors name]

State/City/ Road

Name _________ Gender ____________ Age__________ Date_____________

I write this note to confirm that [patient’s name] is unfit for air travel. After my examination, i found that [patient name] is suffering from colon cancer and requires an urgent surgery in the next one week. In this respect, please cancel his flight booking.

Thank you for your assistance.

[Doctors signature]

Dry Matthew Edwin

Doctor’s note for travel


Doctor/clinic name


Sub: [Patients name]

Dear [recipient’s name],

This note confirms that [patient’s name] has had a knee fracture and will be unable to travel for two months to allow healing. I this regard, I request you to grant the patient two months leave. Please contact me if you need further information.


[Doctor’s signature]

[Doctors name]

Doctor’s note for depression/anxiety

Medical certificate


Re: [patients name]

Age_____________ Gender_____________

This letter is a confirmation that [patients name] is suffering from anxiety/ depression. I recommend two weeks rest for healing. Please contact me if you need any clarification.

Doctor’s name______________

Doctor’s signature___________

Doctor’s note for babysitter

Doctor’s certificate


Name: _______________ Gender ________________ Age ___________

To whom it my concern,

I write this letter to excuse [babysitter’s name] from duty for seven days. She has a contagious flu that is a threat to children. I request you to allow her seven days leave.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Doctor’s names_________

Doctor’s signature_________

Doctor’s note for a child



Name____________ Gender ____________Age___________ Date______________

This note is to confirm that [child’s name], she is suffering from tuberculosis and I recommend you to allow her to discontinue classes for two months. This is an infectious disease that can spread to other children. I have issued the right medication and other guidelines. I thank you for cooperating with me.

Doctor’s name____________

Doctor’s signature_________

Doctor’s note for gym

Doctor/clinic name



Gender________________ Age__________

This is a confirmation that [patients name] is unable to attend gym sessions for a year due to spinal injury. I this respect request you to deregister them from the gym and refund their subscription. For more details, please contact me.

Doctor’s name___________

Doctor’s signature________

Doctor’s Note Templates


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