Terms of Use

Linking to our Website

Linking to our website via your own blog or website is acceptable under certain circumstances. Your website and/or blog must in no way infringe on the laws of the land, contain any content of which we do not approve, including but not limited to: Pornographic, hate-related, illegal content. The only acceptable link format is HTML, no other format will be acceptable.

Using Our Content

Each and every bit of content on SampleNotes.net remains under the ownership of their creators. Content created by SampleNotes.net such as graphics, documents, images, video, software, text, remains owned by SampleNotes.net. If SampleNotes.net detect that the copyright laws have been broken, we will report said offense(s) to the DMCA.

If users change or copy content from SampleNotes.net and claim it as their own. We treat any and all such occurrences as a security breach and act accordingly. This includes taking and displaying our content on other sites without obtaining the permission of SampleNotes.net first.

If, after reading the aforementioned policies and terms of agreement, you have any questions we encourage you to contact SampleNotes.net, where we will discuss and elaborate on any and all consequences in case there is such a breech.

User Interaction

SampleNotes.net values the opinions and interaction of our users. If a user finds they have an idea to share, then you are welcome to submit your idea. However, before you submit your content, we strongly suggest you go over our policies and terms. SampleNotes.net does not make any claims to compensate or reimburse those who decide to freely contribute creative content to our site. We encourage you to contact SampleNotes.net if you have questions in this regard, and to also look into how to copyright your own work as well.

User Conduct

SampleNotes.net assumes that each and every user will be responsible for their own good conduct when utilizing our website in any capacity. Regarding creative submissions, SampleNotes.net reserves the right to refuse any content it deems offensive or not fitting in with the creative environment of our site. Each submission must not contain illegal, inflammatory or otherwise offensive content. No submission can violate third party rights, and must be in relation to the business in which you are working. Any content that contains spam, malware, viruses, or misleads users will be reported to the proper authorities.