Doctor’s Note To Return To Work
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Doctor’s Note To Return To Work

A doctor’s note to return to work is a letter written by a doctor or other healthcare professional that shows that an employee who was unwell and away from work is now deemed fit to go back to work. The note is usually issued only if the employee has been sick and away from work for more than seven days, though this may vary between various companies.

The note is also called a return to work note or a fit note since it indicates that an employee is now fit to return to work. This note is important because it shows that an employer allowed an employee back to work based on a professional medical evaluation.


Reasons for Having a Note to Return to Work

There are several reasons why an employer may want an employee to get a doctor’s return to work note before returning to work.

One reason is that the note assures the employer that a doctor has confirmed that the employee has recovered enough to be back at work and that going back to work will not hinder or delay their recovery.

If the employee had an infectious disease, the employer would like assurance that the employee will not infect other employees or customers. A doctor’s note to return to work provides this assurance.

The note can also let the employer know if the returning worker will need specific arrangements regarding his or her work, such as limitations on working hours or restrictions on the use of machinery.

What to Include in a Doctor’s Note to Return to Work

Given the reasons for writing the doctor’s note to return to work, some information is essential to include in the note.

  • Contact information about the doctor or medical facility. It is important to have the name and contact information of the healthcare professional who assessed the employee and declared that he or she was fit to work. This allows the employer to get in touch with the healthcare professional for any follow-up or clarifications if necessary.
  • Employee name. The note should name the employee who is now well enough to go back to work.
  • Date. The date on which the professional opinion was given should also be included.
  • Statement of recovery. The return to work note should clearly state that the employee is sufficiently recovered to safely return to work. This is the main point of the note and should be explicitly stated, even if there are special considerations as mentioned below.
  • Restrictions. In some cases, the employee may be well enough to return to work, but with some restrictions. For example, the employee may only be able to work for a certain number of hours each day or may not be allowed to engage in certain physical activities, or the employee may need a dust-free work environment. Such limitations should be clearly stated and if there are none, then this should also be clearly stated.
  • Name and Signature of the Doctor. As is the case with any official document, the person issuing the note should have their name and signature on the note.

Doctor’s Note to Return to Work (Format)

Below is a format that may be used to write a fit note.

{Doctor’s Name}

{Doctor’s Address}

Date {00/00/0000}

RE: {Employee Name}

This is to confirm that the above-named person underwent medical evaluation at my office.

This is to certify that {he/she} is sufficiently recovered to go back to work safely,

with the following limitations.

{Limitation or special arrangements}


{Doctor’s signature}

{Doctor’s name}

Sample Doctor’s Note To Return To Work

Here is a sample doctor’s note to return to work.

Dr. Ex Pert

123 Health Way

Medical Avenue

000 111 222 333

Date 02/03/2021

RE: Newman Fitbody

Having administered treatment to the above-named person and having examined him thereafter, I hereby confirm that he has recovered well enough to resume work.

However, I strongly recommend that he not work for more than six (6) hours each day for at least the next three weeks, after which he is scheduled for another review.


E. W. P.

Dr. Ex Pert, MD

Doctor’s Note To Return To Work (Word Template)

Doctor's Note To Return To Work


A doctor’s note to return to work allows an employee to safely go back to work and let the employer know that the employee is well enough. It also lets the employer know what arrangements may be necessary to help the employee to resume work without any harm to others.


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