Thank You Note: Format & Examples

People often underestimate the power of a well-timed, well-written thank you note. Expressing your gratitude in writing for getting help or receiving a gift is a courteous and thoughtful act. It shows the recipient that you valued their help so much you took the time to sit down and write about it. It also conveys consideration of their feelings.


That said, writing a thank you note goes beyond merely saying thank you. Are you struggling with what to include in your note? Here, we look at how to express your gratitude in a thoughtful way.

Thank You Note Format

There are many ways to express gratitude for a gift or gesture. However, a basic thank you note should follow the following format:

• Recipient’s address – Include the address of the individual you would like to thank

• Subject – Mention what you are acknowledging the recipient for. Make sure it is something they have already done, not something you assume they will do.

• Details – Include details of the gift or gesture and how it impacted you. Be sincere and avoid exaggerating the details for the recipient’s benefit.

• Ending – End your note by thanking the recipient again. Then, wish them well.

• Salutation – Close your note with an appropriate salutation.

Writing Tips for a Thank You Note

For the best results:

  • Send your note immediately after you receive the gift or gesture or as soon as you can.
  • If it is a personal letter, handwrite it.
  • Maintain a cheerful, upbeat tone
  • Proofread your note before sending it

Thank You Note Format

Dear {Recipient’s Name}

Thank you so much for {state the good deed/gift}. I was thrilled to learn that you {give personalized detail about the deed/gift}. Your {gift/actions} will enable me to {explain how the deed/gift is relevant to you}.

I am glad to have heard from you. I look forward to seeing you next {time/event/season}.

Thank you again.

Best wishes,

{Your Name}

Sample Thank You Note for Gift

Dear Mum,

Thank you so much for the flower vase you sent me for my house warming party. It adds a lovely touch to the room, and I can’t wait to show it off next Thanksgiving.

It was so lovely to hear from you. Since I moved from home, I miss you a lot. Please say hello to dad.

Thank you again.

Love you,


Thank You Note (Word Template)

File Format
  • MS Word

Different Type of Thank You Notes

There are many occasions that call for a thank you note. Someone could have bought you a gift, thrown you a party, or run an errand for you. Rather than draft a new note every time someone does something nice for you, here are a few templates and samples you can customize to match your needs.

  • Thank You Note to Boss. This is a formal note to thank your employer for something they did. It could be written following a promotion, raise, or commendation. You could also write it after your boss accepts a formal request you had made.
  • Thank You Note to A Friend. The recipient is usually someone close to you and with whom you have frequent contact. When drafting it, keep your tone light and thankful. Mention what you are thanking the recipient for and wish them well.
  • Thank You Note After Interview. You can write this letter to the hiring manager of a company to thank them for considering you for an interview. Make sure you remain professional and don’t mention the possibility of getting hired.
  • Professional Thank You. A professional thank you note is a formal letter of appreciation. It may be written to a client, employer, or employee to express gratitude for a gift or action. When drafting this note, maintain a polite and professional tone.
  • Thank You Message for Support. This letter is written to people who supported you during a difficult time. You could write it after being ill for a while, undergoing surgery, or finally getting a job.
  • Thank You Messages for Birthday. These messages are sent to friends and relatives after they attended your or your child’s birthday. It expresses gratitude for attendance and for the gifts they may have brought


These days, most people will express their thanks through a quick text message or phone call. Although this may get the job done, it lacks the sincerity and emotional impact of a thank you note. A handwritten note is timeless. It will serve as a reminder of your thoughtfulness for many years to come.

If someone has done something nice for you, use the tips in this article to write them a thoughtful thank you note. Remember to be precise and polite.