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Nursing Note Template

Nursing notes are usually a specific set of health records, accurately documenting several medical assessments of a patient by a nurse. These assessments often incorporate documentation of information such as changes in a patient’s condition, their vitals, type of care provided, among others. Thus, this information entails a detailed report of the medical examination process conducted and filled out by the associated nurse. Therefore, nursing notes templates are pre-designed forms readily available online or downloaded and filled out by the nurse’s assessment notes.

These notes are usually essential as they support and provide the other associated healthcare practitioners with the relevant data for exemplary treatment and healthcare delivery. Thus, these templates negate the tedious and time-consuming fresh creation of nursing notes as the nurses will only be filling in blank spots on a template.


What to Include In These Nursing Notes Templates

Nursing notes should always include certain sets of information to qualify as standard and recognized by all medical practitioners. Therefore some of the essential information to be included are;

Patient’s Identification Information. This includes the patient’s full name and several other optional data such as age, weight, height, among others, to ensure that there is no confusion or mix up when the notes are forwarded to the clinicians.

Time. This entails the arrival and departure times of the specific patients. This is to show the extent of the patient’s stay in the said health facility as this is also vital in other medical considerations.

Patient’s Comprehensive Assessment. These include a set of several clinical measurements indicating the state of an individual’s/patient’s vital body systems and functions either physically, psychologically, or physiologically. They henceforth include information on a patient’s;

Vital Signs Notes

  • Body Temperature
  • Respiration rate
  • Pulse rate
  • Blood pressure

Followed by;

Physical Assessment Notes

  • General
  • HEENT (head, ears, eyes, nose, and throat)
  • Respiratory
  • Cardiovascular
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Lymph Nodes
  • Integumentary
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Motor activity

Followed by;

Pain Assessment Notes

  • Pain or No Pain
  • Location
  • Duration
  • Intensity on a scale of 1-10

Followed by;

Medications Taken Notes

Skilled Nursing Care Performed/Provided

Additional clinical findings

New Identified problems/goals

Universal precautions followed

Care coordination process

HHA, MSW Discussion Notes

Physician contact Discussion Notes

Previous Treatment Discussion Notes

Discharge Plans

Treatment plans

These are just but some of the information included in this section of the nursing notes to give it a comprehensive and acceptable look among health care professionals.

Nurse’s Identification

This entails the associated nurse’s personal information, such as their full names and signature. This should be added at the end of each assessment entry to ascertain the assessment.

Assessment Entry Time

This should also be included in the nursing notes at the end of each entry. Thus, the nurse should always indicate the exact date and time they made the entry to prevent future confusion.

Tips on Writing Perfect Nursing Notes

Using a consistent format with the overall health care system will improve comprehension by other associated practitioners, resulting in a perfect nursing note. Nonetheless, there are certain key points worth noting and adhering to when planning on perfecting your nursing notes. They include;

  • Timely Writing. The nursing notes should always be filled out before much time passes, preferably within a maximum of 12 to 24 hours. This is to minimize the possibility of forgetting certain details while also availing the notes to the clinicians doing rounds or the next shift nurses to prevent inconveniences in a hospital/caregiving facility as this could be fatally dangerous.

You should thus try and write the notes during the medical evaluation as you proceed. This will help with timely writing and the possible forgetting as the information will be fresh.

  • Write Eligibly. This is also an important key point. Therefore, your nursing notes should always be properly organized and clear for easy reading by any complacent healthcare provider. Thus, always try and write as clearly and neatly as possible.
  • Keep Your Notes Short and Relevant. These nursing notes are usually for quick perusing by associated individuals and thus should always be short and to the point. You should subsequently avoid long, unnecessary, and irrelevant information with no clear relation to the current patient’s health condition.
  • Avoid Abbreviations. Always try and write down all the information collected fully and avoid abbreviations if necessary unless internationally recognized. This is vital because clinicians may use these notes in other facilities where certain abbreviations may mean different things, thus complicating the treatment process.
  • Write Down All Communications. It is important to write every relevant information regarding the patient’s health without omission of any information. These should include even the information sources during your discussions and their names, too, for possible future references.

Nursing Notes Examples & Templates

Blank Nursing Note Template

File Format
  • PDF

Writing Nursing Note Template

File Format
  • PDF

Nursing Home Progress Note

These are essential medical documentations usually recorded by healthcare providers in nursing homes and assisted care facilities. They usually record the health and treatment progress/processes of individuals in these facilities. The changes recorded are usually further utilized to impact and provide insights on a possible update to the routine care plan systems for better and improved healthcare delivery.
File Format
  • PDF

Narrative Nursing Note Example

These are occasionally used nursing notes when describing an unusual medical occurrence/changes in a patient’s health status by summarizing the entire ordeal/experience. This is to give a detailed background for the unique occurrence to the supervising clinician. They are usually limited since using them usually results in too lengthy nursing notes, which are difficult to read and might be contradictory at times.
File Format
  • PDF

Skilled Nursing Note Example

A skilled nursing note is a medical record documenting a well-researched and detailed assessment of a patient’s status, thus inclusive of not only observations but also medical suggestions, filled out by a licensed nurse/nurse practitioner. Thus, they are often fully comprehensive, requiring minimal to no interventions by clinicians and can always be followed by shift nurses providing constant care to the species examined patients.
File Format
  • PDF

Nursing Note Example

File Format
  • PDF

Nursing Documentation Notes

These are records documented showing the planned care delivered to a specific patient by qualified nurses or any other caregivers in healthcare facilities under the directives and supervision by a clinician or a licensed nurse. Thus, these are treatment/ caregiving steps undertaken in the care of a patient since their admission to discharge. These are quite essential for future referencing in case of a complication or legal problems with the patient.
File Format
  • PDF

Nursing Clinical Progress Note

These are nursing notes detailing the patient’s clinical status and progress since admission to discharge. Professional healthcare providers or licensed nurses usually fill them out, and they thus entail the achievements and setbacks during the course of treatment, whether an inpatient or outpatient. These notes provide clear insights into the treatment and care process and what could be updated or amended for better outcomes.
File Format
  • PDF

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