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Goods Received Note (GRN)

A goods receipt note (Goods Received Note) is a receipt or a note that customer uses to validate the receipt of ordered products. The customer fills the note to verify that they have received the goods. The store’s manager or a representative of the stores department fills the record. Several copies of the document are filled at once, the stores department usually retains one, another is issued to the accounts/finance department, and the other copy is sent to the supplier.

Once the supplier sends an invoice, the accounts department will use the goods received note to verify the invoice before making any payment.


What to Include in a Goods Received Note

Since the stores department has the task of preparing the GRN, they must make sure that all the relevant information is captured in the record. Important details that must appear in the GRN include:

  • The name of the supplier
  • Different products delivered
  • Date and time of delivery
  • Quantities of each product
  • Name and signature of the store’s manager or representative
  • Name and signature of the supplier’s representative

Goods Received Note Templates

Importance of a Goods Received Note

A GRN is an essential document used by the accounts department to verify invoices before making payments. Before making payments for goods supplier, the accounts department will rely on the goods received note prepared by the stores’ department to counter check if the supplier delivered all the products ordered. Once they have confirmed the invoice is in line with the GRN, they will proceed and make payments. Any goods in the invoice that do not appear in the GRN will not be paid.

On the other hand, the supplier will confirm that the goods were delivered to the customer after verifying the information in the goods received note. The supplier can use the document to detect any fraud for goods on transit.

Therefore the goods received note is an essential document for both the supplier and the customer.


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