Get Well Soon Notes / Messages

A get well soon or feel better soon is a note that you give or send to someone who is ill to say that you hope they are well again soon. Writing this note gets a bit tricky because you may lack the right words to write that will let the recipient know that you want them to get back to their normal self-soonest. You don’t want to write a


message that will cause them to feel like they are so sick but rather you want them to feel loved and have hope that all is well. To make sure that you pass the right message, it is important to use a sample get well soon note, this will make things clear, simpler and easy for you.

How to Write a Perfect Get Well Soon Note

When a loved one or a person you know is feeling unwell, it affects you and you keep wondering how best to let them know that you are thinking about them. One of the best ways is to send thoughtful get well wished and adding inspiring quotes to your greeting card. Here are some guidelines on how to do it.
  • Start with a warm tone. The person you are writing to is already in a situation that is not good. Do not start by feeling sorry on him or her, start with warm greetings. A standard way is starting with “Dear”. However, if there is any other way you address the person that makes them feel good, you can go for that one.
  • Write A Few Get Well Wishes. Start with well wishes that will bring hope to the recipient. Relate it to the specific situation that the recipient is in. the words of hope from a close person helps in the healing process. Do not at all go negative like telling the patient that you understand how deadly the condition is, make sure that your words are only words that will bring joy, peace and hope to the recipient.
  • Express your love in the message. It is said that love is the greatest. One thing that will make the recipient feel so good is when you let them know that you love and care about them in the message. You can do this by putting in a joke that you share, something that will make them laugh. You can also refer to the recipient with a name that makes them smile in normal circumstances. Make them forget the situation by expressing love.
  • Send a prayer or encouraging scripture if the recipient is religious If you share a religious bond, encourage them with a word in the scripture and also add in a prayer in the get-well card. You can also let the recipient know that he or she is in your prayers always. Let them know that you are always thinking about them.
  • Use get well quotes Inspirational quotes have a way of bringing hope to people when they are going through tough times. Use such quotes in the message. You can borrow some from award winning inspirational figure.
  • Offer your support. When someone is not feeling well, s much of their daily activities go into a stand still or go slow than usual. Their lives don’t run as smooth as it does when they are well and whole. It is therefore very helpful to let the recipient know that they can count on your support in any area that they may need it. For example, support with the kids or cleaning up around the house among others.
  • Sign off with warm closing. Close the message by a warm message. For example, “take care”, ‘”wishing you speedy recovery”, “ I love you” among many other warm closing.

Get Well Soon Note to a Friend

Dear candy,

You are now the most likeable person around now that you have fallen sick. Just know that I miss you strong so that we can go on with our gossiping. Take a lot of water, take advantage of the situation and enjoy sleeping. Get well soon my dearest friend. I love you so much.

Get well soon note to nephew / niece

My sweet Maxwell,

I am sending this message to let you know that I am thinking about you and wishing you a speedy recovery. I cannot wait for you to be out of that bed do that we can go fishing like always. I know we will soonest. I love you Max. Get well soon!

Get well soon note to neighbor

Hey dear,

It’s so quiet without you around and the neighborhood is just so boring. I am writing to wish you a quick recovery and let you know

that my thoughts and prayers are always with you. Get well soon.

Get well soon note to girlfriend / boyfriend

My love,

I just want you to know that I love you so much and feeling your pain twice. If there was a way, I could take the sickness away from you, then I would but I hope my love takes it away. I miss you so much and hope you get well soon. I love you darling.

Get well soon note to a brother /sister

Dear bro,

It breaks my heart to see you this week. I miss you strong and I know you are going to fight to be strong again. I am happy that your spirit is strong and joyful. Keep the spirit bro because you are coming out of this soonest. Get well soon. Love you.

Get well soon message to daughter / son

My dear munchkin,

I love it that you know how to fight, I am happy coz you are fighting to get out of this. You have all my love and support by all means to get through this. I am praying for you sweetheart and I know we are dancing soon. Get well soon dear. Mummy loves you much.

Get well soon message to dad / mum

Dear dad,

I am sending my love and prayers to you at this time. I know you will get out of that bed soon because you have always been a fighter. You will fight this illness soon. I want you to know that my thoughts are with you and I love you so much. Get well soon daddy.

Get well soon message to husband / wife

Dear hubby,

Doctors can say all they want, but I want you to know that nothing is stopping me from kissing you and loving you even more. Get well soon darling, I love you much.

Get well soon note for cancer

Dear Monica,

I am wishing for you to have a smile on your face because you have put a smile on my face countless times in the past. I know you are stronger than cancer and I am sure you will kick it out soon. My prayer for you is that you will be as well as you can possibly be. Please let me know if you have any specific thing you want me to do for you. I love you Monica.

Get well soon note to neighbor

I hope you are recovering well and getting back to your old self. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Get well soon.

Formal get well soon messages

Formal get well soon messages are those messages which are written to a colleague at work, your boss or a client who is not well physically or is suffering from an illness. The message is meant to let the person know that you are concerned about them and you care.

Get well soon note to boss

Dear Sir,

I am sorry to hear about your illness. Your absence has made itself clear around here. Please get well soon and return to work. We miss your presence and praying for quick recovery. Get well soon.

Get well soon to colleague / coworker

Hey mike,

I hope you are getting better. I know you are strong, and you are getting out of this soon. You are dearly missed here. Please get well soon. Wishing you well.

Get well soon message to teacher / professor

Dear Teacher Joseph,

We are all missing you in the class. The lessons are no longer the same without. We are praying that you get a speedy recovery. We wish you well. Please get well soon.

Get Well Soon to a Client

Dear Mr. Morris,

I just learnt about your illness. I am sorry to hear about it. My thought and prayers are with you. get well soon sir.