Delivery Note Template

A delivery note is a business document that accompanies goods that have been shipped to a customer. It includes specific items and their quantities. The note doesn’t include the prices of the various products in the shipment. Additionally, if any goods were ordered but are unavailable from the supplier, this information will also feature in the document.


The document comes in duplicate, one copy I retained by the customer while the other is send to the supplier to prove the goods were transported to the specified destination. The customer (receiver) signs both copies before issuing one to the supplier.

Writing a delivery note can be tasking if you’ve never done it before; in such cases, samples will come in handy to make the work easier.

What to Include

Though you can opt to use delivery note templates to prepare your documents, you can also design your own. The note must include all the items in the shipment — quantities and description. Besides, the document should include:
  • The customer’s name and address
  • Your company details such as contacts
  • Product codes
  • Date of delivery
  • Name of deliverer
  • Name of receiver
  • List of goods and quantities delivered
  • Signature of the receiver and date

In case the customer had ordered some goods, and they’re out of stock, include these details in the delivery note. If a courier delivers the goods, you must also indicate the appropriate time for delivery to avoid disappointments.

Importance of Delivery Note

A delivery note is a business document that proofs goods customer had ordered have been dispatched and accepted. The document highlights a description of the goods, quantities delivered, and date of delivery, among other essential details important for business transactions. Upon receipt, the client will verify the products and sign the delivery note as a way of acceptance. They will retain one copy and issue the other to the deliverer.

Once the customer signs the delivery note, they have certified that the goods were as indicated and in good condition; thus, they can’t raise any disputes regarding the shipment.

Thus delivery note should accompany any shipment of goods to avoid discrepancies and disputes. Though the information contained in delivery notes may vary from one business to another, necessary details that must be included in the note include:

  • Description and quantities of goods delivered
  • Name and signature of the receiver
  • Name and address of the customer
  • Name and contacts of the supplier

Different Delivery Note Templates

Vehicle delivery note

A vehicle delivery note is a document that accompanies the shipment of a vehicle to a customer. The document must have the essential information about the transaction and vehicle such as:
  • Type of vehicle
  • Year of manufacture
  • Engine number
  • Chassis number
  • Registration number
  • Time and date of delivery
  • Name and signature of the customer

Goods delivery note

A goods delivery note bears information on the goods in the shipment and other essential information required by both the seller and buyer such as:
  • Type and quantities of the products
  • Date of delivery
  • Signature and name of the receiver
  • Address and name of the client

Courier delivery note

A courier delivery note comes into place when the supplier opts to use courier services to deliver their goods to customers. The document must include the following basic information:
  • Name and address of the courier
  • Description and quantity of goods delivered
  • Name of the supplier
  • Name of the person receiving the goods and their signature

Digital advertising materials delivery note

This is a delivery note used for dispatch of digital advertising materials. The note must include vital details such as:
  • The type of digital advertising materials
  • Quantities
  • Date and time of dispatch
  • Name of client and address
  • Name of the sender

Order delivery note

An order delivery note is a business document that is used to dispatch orders to suppliers. The delivery note should include relevant information, such as:
  • Number of orders
  • Date of dispatch
  • The name and signature of the recipient
  • Destination company and address

Return delivery note

A return delivery note is a document that accompanies goods when a customer decides to return goods to a supplier if they are damaged or wrong products. An invoice for the goods purchased accompanies the return delivery note. The note should include:
  • The reason for the return
  • Types and quantities of the goods
  • Options at hand e.g., refund, replacement or repair
  • Order and invoice number
  • Customers name and address