Business Referral Thank-You Note / Letter

A business referral thank-you note is a message that you write to someone thanking them for suggesting your business to a new customer(s). The thank-you note can be on paper or sent via email.


A business referral thank-you note shows that you recognize the good deed that the person did for your business and appreciate it. This in turn can encourage more referrals in the future.

Reasons for Writing a Business Referral Thank-You Note

One reason for writing a thank-you note is that it is polite to do so. Business referrals are valuable, and if someone sends business your way, it is certainly polite to express gratitude.

Besides, thanking the person who referred business to you increases the likelihood of the person remembering to send other potential clients to you should other opportunities arise. This assumes that you offer good service, of course.

Another reason two write a thank-you note is that it assures the recipient that you are indeed still in business, in case they were uncertain about that, perhaps because you had not been in touch for a while.

Tips for Writing a Business Referral Thank-You Note

Consider the following points when writing a thank-you note.

  • Write it as soon as you can. Write and send the note at the earliest opportunity. This will show the recipient that the business is essential to you and that you truly appreciate it. Sending the note as soon as you can also reduce the risk of you forgetting to send it at all.
  • Write in a friendly tone. The letter aims to express gratitude and to convey pleasant sentiments. Ensure that your word choice is positive.
  • Be specific. Address the recipient by name and mention the specific client that they referred to you. People generally feel happier to be addressed positively by name rather than in more generic terms.
  • Offer something in return, if appropriate. If appropriate, you may offer a discount on your products or services. Alternatively, if you are writing to a business, you could promise to also send them business referrals if you get the chance to do so.
  • Keep it short. Do not take up much of the reader’s time with unnecessarily long writing. The aim of the note is simply to express gratitude.
  • Check your spelling and grammar. Carefully proof-read your note and correct any grammatical or spelling mistakes. After all, you want to look professional and boost your referrer’s confidence in sending you more clients.
  • Include your contact information. Include your telephone number, email address and possibly your website, so that your recipient has them at hand in case they would like to pass them on.
  • Do not directly ask for more referrals. Explicitly asking for more referrals may create the impression that you do not appreciate the referral already given or feel entitled to getting referrals from the person who has already sent you one. Let your thank-you note and the good service you offer implicitly encourage more referrals.

Business Referral Thank-you Note (Format)

You could use a format such as the one below to write your business referral thank-you note.

{Recipient Name}

{Recipient Address [if necessary]}


Dear {Recipient Name},

Thank you so much for recently referring {Referral Name} to us at {your business name}

for {product or service}.

We are pleased that you have enjoyed our {product or service}

and we look forward to offering the same quality {product or service} to

{Referral Name}.

As a small token of our appreciation, I would like to offer you a {percentage} discount

next time you come for {product or service}.

Thank you once again,


{Your signature}

{Your name}

{Your telephone number}

{Your email address}

{Your website}

Sample Business Referral Thank-you Note

Here is a sample thank-you note.

Mr. Longtime Pal

ABC Road


Date 02/03/2021

Dear Mr. Pal,

I would like to express my gratitude to you for sending Ms. Jane Brown to us at WorldWide Tech

when she was looking for CCTV installation services.

We are in discussion with her and we hope that she will soon be enjoying the same service as you currently do.

Thank you very much for the referral.

Please find attached a discount voucher that entitles you to 30% off labour on the next service job here at Worldwide Tech.

Best regards,


John Watson,

000 555 5555

[email protected]

www . worldwide-example . com

Business Referral Thank-You Note (Word Template)

Business Referral Thank-You Note


A business referral thank-you note expresses gratitude for someone who thought of you and sent you a client. Keep it positive, professional, and short, and hopefully, you will get more referrals.